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DUO OA Unloading Knee Brace

DUO OA Unloading & Ligament Knee Brace

A completely new design from Bledsoe, our DUO (Dynamic Unloading Osteoarthritis) Brace is the only double upright "dynamic" OA brace in the market. This brace creates a load across the joint when the knee is straight and reduces the load when the knee is flexed. Thus, when the patient is bearing weight, the brace is actively working. DUO is active when the patient is standing and relieves pressure when sitting.

Indications For Brace Use

  • Unicompartmental OA
  • Unicompartmental OA / meniscal instabilities with ligamentous injuries

Brace Features

  • Low-profile frame
  • Dynamic loading hinge Incremental arm adjustments
  • Available in both custom and off the shelf
  • Unique strapping prevents migration
  • Requires the brace for all-day use
  • OK for patients with redundant tissue
  • OK for low activity levels like golf, bowling, etc.

Brace Order / Part Number

Part # Description
ED312000 DUO Custom Short, Medial
ED314000 DUO Custom Short, Lateral
ED112000 DUO Custom, Medial
ED114000 DUO Custom, Lateral
ED114YXX--B DUO, Lateral, XS-XXL
ED112YXX--B DUO, Medial, XS-XXL
ED113YXX--B DUO, Lateral Athletic, XS-XXL
ED111YXX--B DUO, Medial Athletic, XS-XXL
ED314YXX--B DUO, Lateral, Short, XS-XXL
ED312YXX--B DUO, Medial, Short, XS-XXL
ED313YXX--B DUO, Lateral Athletic, Short, XS-XXL
ED311YXX--B DUO, Medial Athletic, Short, XS-XXL
ED0201XX Kit, Soft Goods, Left Medial / Right Lateral, XS-XXL
ED0202XX Kit, Soft Goods, Right Medial / Left Lateral, XS-XXL
ED0211XX Kit, Soft Goods, Athletic, Left Medial / Right Lateral, XS-XXL
ED0212XX Kit, Soft Goods, Athletic, Right Medial / Left Lateral, XS-XXL

XX = See size chart

Y: Left(1), Right (2)

Brace Sizing Chart

Duo Brace Sizing Chart


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