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DUO OA Unloading and ligament protection brace

DUO OA Unloading Brace

The only dual-upright, 'dynamic' Osteoarthritis unloading brace.  Provides relief when it is needed & reduces force when it is not for greater patient comfort.

Axiom Dynamic Functional ACL knee brace

Axiom-Elite ACL Brace

The revolutionary brace that provides a dynamic force to actively protect an ACL deficient knee.

T-scope post-op knee brace

T-Scope Post-Op Knee

Arguably the premier Post-Op knee brace on the market.  Easy to fit and comfortable for patients.

Genesis Lightweight Walking Moon Boot

Genesis Walking Boot

The lightest full-shell walking boot on the market.  Specifically designed to encourage a more natural walking gait.

Fusion OA Unloading Brace

A proven performer to help reduce the pain of osteoarthritis.

Roadrunner Knee Brace

The comfortable and secure hinged brace with a low profile design that easily fits under patient's clothes.

Wee-walker childrens moon boot paediatric walking boot

Wee Walker Kids Moonboot

A moonboot / walker specifically designed for children's feet with a rocker bottom sole to encourage a more natural walking gait.


Orthomedico is a distributor of orthopaedic products and medical devices New-Zealand wide including Breg and Bledsoe bracing products. These unique braces are designed with patented technology and are backed by extensive clinical research. Bledsoe bracing products provide orthopaedic surgeons, orthotists, podiatrists and physiotherapists with innovative, cost-effective, evidence-based treatments for their patients. Orthomedico also distributes a range of innovative medical devices such as Emcyte Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).


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